Thursday, February 10, 2011


A few views from a much larger watercolor of
the countryside around where I live.
This is a stream that runs by my favorite
rock area. This was painted this past Autumn
when all the grass started turning a wonderful
indian yellow.


This little princess looks so regal in her headband
and beads.
My play on words of course comes from Pocahontas,
later known as Rebecca Rolfe.
She was the daughter of a Virginian Indian Chief named
Wahunsunacawh. He was better known as the Emperor
Pohatan who was the head of a tributary tribal nation in
the Tidewater region of Virginia. These tribes made up
what is known as the Powhatan Chiefdom and spoke the
language of the Algonquian family.
Pocahontas is said to have saved the life of colonist,
John Smith from being executed by a group of
Powhatan hunters. You can read more about
Pocahontas in this article.
This is my royal entry to the Stampsmith and
themes for this week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011


Spring has sprung again.
The sun is shining so brightly this morning.

I am busy getting ready for the Easter Art Markets.
Just a few of my cards using dried flowers and
watercolor painted paper.
I will also post this over at Wednesday Stamper.
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