Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a Day

My day started out like this....another beautiful sunrise as seen from my patio.

As the morning progressed...... I could only think of going here!!!

Everyone was enjoying the sunshine.

Even Benny.

Soaking up the rays................

The heat eventually got the better of me and I had to retreat to cooler territory.
I started painting some watercolor paper adding a touch of metallics. I stamped it with a frame from Stampers Anonymous and a quote from Catslife Press.
The center is sliced open and peeled back to reveal Mr. Extraordinary,,,,,,
"el gato gordo",,,,Benny.
The card itself is stamped with a definition from Catslife Press which defines the meaning of cats life. It reads as follows,,,,,
catslife (kats´lif) n. 1.the opposite of dog´s life and rat race. independent lifestyle, with plenty of naps, snacks, toys, afternoons of sunshine and back-scratches.

What a lifestyle,,,,,sounds good to me.

Just how hot was it anyway?

Well, it was,,,,and still is for that matter,,,, sooooo hot that these guys are feeling right at home.

The weekend forecast is making them very happy!

Yup, you guessed it,,,,it is supposed to get even HOTTER!!

But have no fear,,,

because before you know it, we´ll be having to dig our way out again.
This is one of my watercolors from the winter of 2010 in the "Siebentischwald" forest.

I feel cooooooooler already,,,,don´t you?


Angelina's Trinkets said...

Oh how beautiful, the art, the cat and the wonderful little story to go with all the pictures. Your art is stunning!

IsaNorris said...

Beautiful card, cute kitty cat, amazing watercolour! I'm so glad you started a blog
isa xx

Jess said...

What a gorgeous kitty! Thanks for sharing the photos from all around you - I love the story they tell :)

Sharmon Davidson said...

Your watercolors are amazing; I especially love this one of the winter scene- and not just because it's hot as hades today! Do you have a gallery where you sell your art?

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