Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Think Positive

Think Positive

Front cover of the handbound book.

Back cover. The cover is collaged and painted with acrylics
and stamped with flowers and a quote about thinking.

Did you know that this is the color for 2011?

Every year Pantone picks a color and makes
their yearly declaration which influences
product development and purchasing
decisions in everything from fashion to home well as industrial design.

A few things in this year´s color.

If pink is your thing,,,you are in luck.

Pantone produces these wonderful color
swatches to help printers match colors in
their work. I cannot walk past a paint store without
grabbing a few.

I use these to make nice little
notepad covers.

I think my book would fit right in on this coffee table.

Doing any remodeling? How about a
pink room. Pantone says this year´s color
is confident and vital. A brave new color for
a brave new world. Apartment Therapy likes it
What do you think of it? Will it be a winner
like turquoise was last year?


teri said...

It is crazy- but I have been opposed to pink for for over 45 years... I bought my first pink (not hot pink mind you) shirt in the fall of last year. Now I have have several more pink items.! Really like your title!

Netty said...

I didn't know this colour was top favourite for 2011. Your book is delicious, Cyn. Have a great week, Annette x

Jane said...

I didn't know either that pink was THE color, but I do own a pink trench coat, so maybe I should start airing it ?! Still better than painting your sitting room pink! I like your book Cynnie, wish I knew how to...!

Anneke said...

yes, your book would fit on that coffee table! Beautiful cover Cynnie! Like the combination of stamps, colors, collage... Nice!

~*~Patty S said...

you know that pink is special to me because it is how you and I connected here in blogland :)

your book IS wonderful and would make any coffee table look special

stampdiva said...

Cynnie, you know I experience problems well instead of visiting via AOL today I am visiting through another Browser, Google Chrome. An amazing difference although it means I cannot use it via AOL but a small price to pay.
Anyway, sooooo good to see you blogging, missed your artwork. The notebook is stunning, arty perfection my friend.
As for the colour of 2011 now this might shock you as you know I love pink, it is too vibrant a pink for my taste, you know I like the faded end of the spectrum but it does always fascinate me when they announce the colour for the year and how it influences every aspect of our lives no matter where we live in the world.
Have a great day.
Lynne x

Studio Sylvia said...

It’s a gorgeous colour for accents but I couldn’t live with it on my walls. Your book cover looks inviting, calling to be opened.

Cindy Lane said...

I am a sucker for lettering of any kind - yours is WONDERFUL!

And that's some Pink!

Yvonne said...

Beautiful collage on your book cover, I really love it!!! Great colors and stamps you used, beautiful linen bookbinding.
Greetings from Yvon

La Dolce Vita said...

love the positive book!! and it is always interesting to see what the color of the year will be! I would say they are thinking optimistically too! we will all be in the "pink"!

Petra Tillmann said...

Great book, Cynnie! And I love pink!
Have a nice weekend.

Groetjes, Petra

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

So thats why there are football and rugby teams sporting the new pink strips then? lol
Yes, I learnt that at college...I found it amazing at the time that someone dictated the in-season colours which dominated the whole entire market from fashion through to interiors.Thanks for the reminder, my mind wandered thinking of my late teens and college.

Your handbound books are incredible. LOVE them. And of course, this one is on trend!!!
Hope you enjoyed your spritzy day ( :0) )

Lynn said...

Your hand bound books are always so beautiful, and this one is no exception.
I don't mind that bright vivid pink but I don't think I will wear it or use in my home, I may use it in artwork though :)

Sharmon Davidson said...

I love your "positive' book, Cynnie, but I'm not all that crazy about that pink. It's a lovely color in itself, but I can't imagine too many things that would look good in that color. Hmmmm...

Debbie said...

very lovely this book!

Caroline said...

I love pink - as you saw from my blog! Thanks for you visit, I always appreciate it!! I had seen that honeysuckle trend too and am happy it's going to be around a lot!

acornmoon said...

love your book!

Gio said...

This year..I love pink!! And your handbound books too!

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