Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ring in the New 2012

full of promise and hope

This is the year your ship will come in.

Can´t decide on what your resolution or goal should
be for 2012?
Allow me to make a few suggestions.
Maybe the following will help you decide.

you could be more inquisitive or ask
yourself "what if" more often in 2012

you could make a lifestyle change and decide to
eat more healthfully in 2012

you could decide that you are ready to take more
chances or risks on the job in 2012

perhaps you could be more willing to explore unknown
territory in 2012

you could definitely find more time to dance
in 2012

or opt to take more time to reflect and savor
life´s moments in 2012

you could make yourself available when
someone needs a boost
in 2012

you could play dress ups more often in 2012

you could also decide to send out more joy in 2012

or is it more rest or sleep that you need in 2012

you could stretch your limits or find new interests
in 2012

or vow to stay at home and clean out your closets
more often in 2012

how does going to the playground more often in
2012 sound to you

or telling your boss you are out to lunch and head to
the beach more often in 2012

in 2012 you could trust your instincts more often
and when you smell a good thing....
go for it

you could turn up the music REALLY LOUD and
exercise more often
in 2012

you could smile a lot more in 2012

or you could be kinder and give more
hugs in 2012

Have you made any resolutions?
Do you normally set new goals or find yourself more
motivated for change at this time
every year? Perhaps you are one of many who
just ignores it all and gets on with the business at hand.

All the best to you and yours for 2012!

All fotos from Google, Pinterest or The Sum of All Crafts.
I am sharing this with Take a Word .


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant post - such fun with fabulous images.
I want those doggies and I want them NOW!!!
Wishing you the absolute best that life can bring you for 2012.
Lynne x

Gio said...

Thank you to put a smile on my face, today.

And happy fabulous 2012!

Caroline said...

Happy New Year! What fun this post is!!x

Janine said...

Dear Cynnie, i don' t have any resolutions. I just breath in and out, enjoy myself, and live!! I love your litte photo inspiration. Love the panda's. 😃 it was so nice looking at the photo' s. Thank you for letting my laugh. Big hug from Jaine

Crystal Cook said...

Love this post Cynthia. :)) You've given me so much to think about and I love the positiv feeling you've just given me too. That's what I want for 2012 to be more hopeful that good things will happen for me, more positive.

jane minter said...

:D happy new year cynnie !

Judy said...

Happy New Year, Cynthia! What a great post!

Netty said...

Happy New Year Cyn and love your great pictures, x

Be(e) said...

Have a fabulous 2012, Cynthia!!

Anna Nemoy said...

Happy New Year, Cynthia!
I made me smile with this post :))

Dymphie said...

wishing you a wonderful 2012 dear Cynnie!
this post is so sweet and fun, it made my smile broader with every image and text line, thank you!

Anneke said...

Great post Cynnie! Made me smile!
Beautiful pictures and text lines
I wish you a happy and crafty 2012!

Linda R. said...

I just love everything about This post. Such a wonderful idea my friend..
But I am one of those that just goes with the flow.. No New years resolutions for me!! Just trying to keep a positive attitude and Love Life!!

Hugs, Linda

EVA said...

What wonderful images!!Lots of inspiration here!

Hope you have a fantastic creative 2012!

~*~Patty S said...

Brilliant post and New Year's Wishes dear Cyn!

I like the picking a word for the year idea instead of resolutions...my word this year is "balance"

Sending every good and special wish to you and yours for a wonderful 2012


~*~Patty S said...

oh and Love your fresh new blog look too...looks marvelous darlink!

Anonymous said...

I resolve to eat more strawberry shortcake :D Great post! Have a Happy and Creative New Year!


Amanda Dilworth said...

Happy New Year Cynnie. Great post, love some of the photos, put a smile on my face :)

Sheila A. said...

Beautiful post! I loved it! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia

I found your blog after visiting Dymphies bookbinding blog. What a wonderful post, so funny. I love the sentiment.

I don't do New Years resolutions, they seem so negative, instead I make a list of things I'd like to try, creatively.


Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2012


Jane said...

Wonderful show Cynnie..had more than a few chuckles lol! I think your resolutions are very good, some of them are already in my life like dancing and eating healthier...BUT many things could be better, and sometimes it doesn't take much to improve them. Thank you for this lovely post and Happy New Year! xox

teri said...

I am going to be greedy and say I want it all---but mostly going to be kinder and give more hugs. xo teri

indybev said...

What a wonderful photographic journey of wisdom for the new year! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Lynn Stevens said...

I can't believe it Cynnie, The comment box came up!! WooHooo.

Such a cute post.Your New Years photos really made me smile, maybe thats what my resolution should be to smile more offen!. LOL.
Have a Great New Year!

Now hopefully this will post.
Hugs Lynn

Linda said...

This is such a great post Cynnie! You definitely made me smile today :-) My resolution? To keep my blog posts up to date! Yay!!
(And maybe head to the beach more often - if only we didn't live in the very centre of England :-/ )

Helga Strauss said...

Omg, love your post, Cynnie!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Cheers to 2012!!!

Sharmon Davidson said...

What a wonderful post! I want to do all those things- though i have to say the 'sleep more' idea may be the most enticing. Happy new year, Cynnie!

Nora MacPhail said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful inspiring list. I made lots of painting New Year's Resolutions... so far so good!
Have a wonderful creative weekend,

Nigel Fletcher said...

Happy New year belatedly. I like the young ballerina, almost enough to paint. Where did the image come from?

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