Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Color Adventure

What do pigs, cotton candy, a panther and a singer have in common?

Yes, you guessed it.....the color PINK!

A more apt title for this post would be "Patty´s Playground of Perfect Pinkness" .... of Magpie´s Nest.....let me explain why.

This tag is for you Patty,,, thanks for turning me on to a color I never really took notice to until you posted these beauties below.

It all happened one cold day last February. Patty posted this beautiful foto of these pink tulips on her blog, Magpie´s Nest. That same day I had been talking to a painting buddy about colors we never seem to use
and then I even read a blogger that was saying "pink stinks".......

When I saw the second foto of Patty´s I thought to myself....well, heck,,,this pink does not look the least bit "stinky" at all. I was actually being drawn to the color pink!

Patty´s fotos so inspired me that I even went out and bought some pink tulips and ended up painting them in watercolor.

One of several versions of my pink tulips in ink and watercolor.

I painted yet another small grouping of pink tulips in watercolor. I was beginning to like a color I always seemed to ignore.

All thanks to Patty´s wonderful fotos.

Patty and I then began to email each other about the color Pink and eventually we decided we would send each other PINK things as a color swap ......

Before we knew it we were collecting every pink thing we saw.
I could not believe how much pink I saw in advertising, magazine covers,,,,even all over the inside of my local phone book. Pink was found everywhere and before I could turn around I had a box brimming over with pure, perfect
It began to get so full I thought I might have to hire Bekins to ship it to the USA!

Here is what Patty sent to me as part of our exchange.
Some of her art collage cards. I love her work!

A closer look..............

She even made me one of her birds nest charms out of pearls and copper wire. Isn´t it gorgeous.
It looks great hanging from a chain. Thanks Patty, I love this!

Patty sent me all sorts of paper for my collage stash. Different textures and weights and some vintage pages. Many have already been put to good use.

A lovely pink lantern and fan to cool myself off during these hot summer months.

Some pink energy tea,,,,cut outs, buttons and lovely small embellishments.

Another look.............

A wonderful pink illustration and still more paper.

More cut outs and interesting papers.

Don´t you just love all this pinkness!

A pink advertisement for a market in her area.

Here is a "pink freebie" for you Patty and all who come here to see our fun swap. Thanks again for making me stand up and take notice to the color Pink ,,,in all it´s beauty.

Wishing you all,,,,, and especially you Patty,,,,a perfectly fun,,,pink kind of day................
If you want to see what I sent to Patty ,,,go over to her blog the
Magpie´s Nest and have a look.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Did you two coordinate your posts? Your swap has me pink with envy. What a loot you two exchanged. Awesome!

jgr said...

Your pink post is great! Thank you for your comment yesterday I'm so glad to discover your blog. My favorite (so far) is your pen & ink tulips!

~amy~ said...

I absolutely LOVE your pretty in pink post....fabulous...I've always loved that color and I'm so glad that you've come over to the pink side:)

Lori Saul said...

Beautiful visions in pink- your watercolor is outstanding. Such lovely creative pieces!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Hello Hello Again Dear Cynnie ~ I came by early today (around 9am US time) and thought I left a comment ... but I do not see it here!!!
You did such a lovely job posting about our pink adventures!
I adore your watercolor tulips and special pink creations for me ... you are a true artiste!
Thank you again for a really special Pinkie Pink swap

Jeany said...

hee cynnie, what a nice log, and the tag looks so good, in Pink!! your tulps are also very beautifull and the gifts you've got, yammie, the things you can do with that, :)) we can't wait to see. have a nice sunday, best wishes from janine

Clip Art and Scrap said...

oh I the tag is wonder, and I just love the pink tulips, it is really fantastic!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Cynnie wow great blog!! Love what you are showing here. Pinkaliscious. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving it some luv!!

stampdiva said...

Cynnie I have to LOL because as you now know, do I love pink (with the exception of bright pinks) what a treat to have such a swap and such amazing pieces of art, etc. Looks such fun. TFS all those amazing photos with us and I have to say, the watercolour painting of the tulips is stunning to say the very least. Lynne x

Anneke said...

I see a very beautful pink tag and beautiful watercolor paintings! What a good idea, this pink color swap! I like all the paper and embelishments you two exchanged.
I think I'll make a pink card soon :)

Magpie said...

Oh, I was just like you, thinking, "pink stinks". But now you have made me a believer in pink! Such beautiful photos and art!

Patty's blog is lovely, also. Of course I love the name,'Magpie's Nest'...I believe she laid claim to it first ~ I didn't do my research before naming mine.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment! At the moment I don't have a subscription link, but will look into it. Sounds like a great thing to have!

DymphieM said...

pink isn't exactly my color of choice :) You did a wonderful job painting the tulips and your exchange items are wonderful! Great post :)

Home and Heart said...

So much pink goodness!! Love it!! Your watercolor is lovely!! Thank you so much for visiting me too!

Evelyn S. said...

Oh Cynnie.....your pink is fabulous! I especially love your watercolor and ink beautiful! You have inspired me to play with pink.

Lynn said...

Ooooooooo you girls really had a fun swap and looks like you both hit the jackpot with all this pink gloriousness :) Is that a word?
Your watercolor paintings are just beautiful Cynnie and your photographs have me drooling over it all. I could use that fan about now with the heat here, oh and an energy drink, but the supplies are just amazing :)

Jacqueline said...

I absolutely love pink too - love everything you have posted and your tag is gorgeous!! We are having beautiful weather again, as long as it stays around 28° , it's o.k. :)

Christine Edwards said...

What a wonderful swap you two put together. It's been quite a while since I've been a fan of've definitely inspired me to play with it more. Your tulip watercolors are fantastic. Hope you're "in the pink"!

nancy said...

what a great post! I'm a newcomer to pink but these days I'm absolutely head over heals for it - there's just something utterly delicious about it! ;) Beautiful watercolours and I also really like your bound books - the small booklet/notebook made out of one of those paint strip samples is just gorgeous!
And thanks for commenting on my blog as well. :)

Doris Krüger said...

Hallo Cynnie,

Deine Malerei gefällt mir sehr gut!
Vielleicht hast Du Lust, sie auch unter auszustellen?

Viele Grüße & Danke für Deinen IF Kommentar,

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